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  1. Yes, i still wait an answer in globalscape.
  2. Ok, i've written in globalscape forum......but nobody answer me. Nobody know......nobody have solution... thanks
  3. thank you! Well, in my setting global options/navigation setting/links, my check box at 'attempt link resolution using LIST -L command' is clear. I tried to ceck my box, but is not changing nothing. And it is strange thing, in view/filter/ i cannot write in 'server side filetring - remote filter window'. Winodw it is not active. i don't know where i can see other setting...... what i can do?
  4. Hi! I try to use cute ftp 8, i'm connected to my remote server, but: i cannot see all the files in my server, several type of files: pdf, some jpg files. Why i can see all the html, gis files, one little jpg file, and not all the jpg and pdf files in my server by 'remote window' cute ftp? thank you for help me
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