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  1. I know how forwarding one domain to another one works. The question I have is about directories within the one domain still being visible. My example is if I have **** and myotherdomain.com and I am forwarding the first one to the second one. If I have ****/forum or ****/blog, will those still be viewable if that domain is forwarded to myotherdomain.com? I didn't know if that just applied to the index page or every page within that domain. Thanks.
  2. A guy that I know that has been in the used car business for almost 30 years called me a couple of weeks ago about designing a web site for his dealership. I started looking around at some of the other user car businesses in the area and most use the same service which is provided by either AutoTrader or cars.com. He's wanting something they can manage and maintain themselves, not pay for these extra services. Does anyone know of a program that could be bought and downloaded that would serve the purpose of displaying the inventory for a used car lot?
  3. I didn't click over far enough. Thank you very much.
  4. I installed two programs to my site using Fantastico through my cpanel. I want to uninstall one of them, I did not like it. How do I go about doing this?
  5. Thanks. I've been using a aimoo board and the cost is starting to kill me. I think I will make the switch.
  6. I have had a message board for almost 2 years through a service that started out as free, but started charging users. To make a long story short, I'd like to get away from them because the cost is too much. If I add a forum to my site, how will effect my bandwidth and space usage on my site? I know members will want to add personalized avatars.
  7. I was able to send a ticket and already received a reply. And it worked. Thanks for everyone's help. The hang up was getting on a server that would connect.
  8. There is part of the problem. To submit a help desk ticket, it asks for cPanel username and password. I don't know which information is my username and password. I used what was emailed to me when my account was activated. But it says that is not the correct name and/or password. As I said, I am totally lost.
  9. I am unable to login to my cPanel.
  10. I am new to the web site hosting game. My previous sites were with those "free" hosting services (tripod, geocities). My problem is this. I uploaded files to add a phpBB forum on my web site. When I go to the install page, I don't know what information it's asking for when it asks for Database Server Name, Your Database Name, Database User Name, etc. What exactly is all of that and how can I find it out?
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