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  1. Sounds like ur on bluelagoon for some reason, what does it say after "frontend/" in the URL when you are in Cpanel?
  2. Is there any chance that we could have the bluelagoon theme installed please? So I can put it on my accounts in my reseller account, cause I prefer the lists of settings rather than the icons in x2.
  3. Thanks guys! Everyone is so friendly here!! I can see I've definatly made the right choice! Is anyone here from Scotland aswell?
  4. Hi Bruce, thanks for replying, shame about the username oh well, better just try and learn it I suppose. I'm on server59. Cheers James
  5. Hello everyone! Just got a reseller account after my last host started being very unrelieable and so far I must say I am well impressed! So far everything is way better than my last host apart from 1 thing: Is there any possibility that I could have my username changed please? I was at least expecting it to the generate from the first 8 letters of my domain name not just random letters. I can't help having a poor memory Oh and just 1 small question, which time zone are the server's clocks set to? Looking forward to a great future! Thumbs Up James
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