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Question About New Account With Two Domains

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I'm satisfied customer of TCH from december 2003. I've recomended this host to my friend, and he wants to signup. He's not so good in english, so he asked me to clear out some questions.


He decided to purchase starter plan. thats $44/year


He needs two domains. thats roughly $22/year


An option to host 2nd domain is $25


So, he had to pay 44+22+25=$91


The question is, is $25 fee for 2nd domain hosting reaplees on nex year, or is it just one-time fee?


And if 2 domains hosted in one account, how they should work? will there be 2 separate FTP accounts, for each domain, or in one account there will be visible 2 folders, like SITE_1, SITE_2 ?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi LinuxHata,


For 2 seperate domains, he will need 2 seperate plans. Hence the cost will be $4 + $4 = $8 per month (or $88 per year).


These will be 2 seperate accounts, so yes, he will have seperate FTP accounts, email accounts etc.

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To add a little to what Andy said...

If your friend wants both of the domain names to point to the same website, then he will be parking one domain on the top of another. So they will be one account and use the same FTP and cPanel login.


The $22 charge you have spoken of is, I assume, the domain name transfer fee. You can extend this registration out to several years or leave it at the one-year reg length.


As I am not part of the Client Services, I do not know of the $25 charge you are talking about. I have tried to find it, but simply can't. I will go learn about it, though.


Since this was not clear from your original post, i just wanted to make sure it was covered.

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