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Awstats Question

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I am a user from Sydney, and I've recently moved hosts from an Australian server to TCH. It always confuses me when reading awstats now that the server-time is no longer local time for me.


Is there a way to offset the time differences so awstats will display in local time for me? (GMT+10) I've read through the .conf file but couldnt find anything to change there. :huh:



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I do believe that the time stamp on the log file is placed as local server time, and the Timezone plugin is just for viewing in the web interface and has no affect on the raw logs you can download.


I will ask the other mods about this, but maybe one will peek in here and give you a more firm answer before I get back.

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I'm not intimately familiar with all of the AWStats configuration options, but as these are shared resources, I don't see any way to have awstats display different timezones based on domains as I take a cursory look through it.


About the only way I think you could really do that is to grab the raw log files, and use a local log analysis program that would adjust the times for you.


Maybe that would be a good feature request for a future version of AWStats. :)


Btw, VI, the only timezone plugin I found for AWStats is only to correct a timezone issue with a processing a certain Microsoft IIS logformat.

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The following is from Awstats page on SourceForge.



# Plugin: TimeZone

# Perl modules required: Time::Local

# Allow AWStats to correct a bad timezone for user of some IIS that use

# GMT date in its log instead of local server time.

# This module is useless for Apache and most IIS version.

# This plugin reduces AWStats speed of 40% !!!!!!!

Plugin provided with AWStats (5.1+)

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