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Anchor Attribute Will Be Deprecated


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if you scroll down you see this description under the <a "name"> attribute.


In future versions of XHTML the name attribute will be replaced by the id attribute!!


I use those anchors just like these forums do to point to a particular section of the site. ex. <a name="#thread31">


The above says it will be replaced by the id attribute, how would i got about using the id attribute to do the same...I thought the id attribute was use like classes on CSS.

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I believe it would be something like


><a id="anchor" href="/forums/articles/79.php" title="go to article 79">go to article 79</a>


but I haven't read the specs. I'm not sure how many browsers would recognize that at the moment, either.


note: I am guessing, and may be completely wrong. :dance:


note, you can read more about this in the official proposals which do not yet utilize id's for anchors :(

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interesting....  I was too lazy to try that out...  I just did now and you are absolutely correct..  That means all my existing id's i'm currently using can be anchors...holy crap  :goof:  :blink:  :blink:  :blink:

Yes, but I believe that's been the case for awhile. You should be able to use any ID location as a destination for a link on any modern browser (I even checked IE 5.2 and it works).


So <a id="blah">, or an ID in other tags as well, should work as a link destination.


w3c.org has some more info here.

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