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Dns Question

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ok, i just registered for web hosting & went ahead and made tch my registrar as well. i'd like to have them do my dns as well, since they've got everything, but i can't find where to do that, and since i'm moving in 6 days & this is finals week, time is of the essence and i'm rather loopy from too much studying...


i lost my pwd over at my current dns place and don't remember where i was living at the time (i've moved 15 times in the last 5 years, yay for the college nomad lifestyle), and i know whatever phone i had had at the time, i don't have now, so i cannot update my zones myself.


so, i guess i have two questions, now that the domain has transferred:


1) how do i set up dns to be hosted at tch

2) how do i set up subdomains at tch with the dns

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I found this recent post from


You can log into your domain management control panel here




TotalChoice does not have any control over your domain name,

or have the username and password to log into your domain manager. When you registered the domain you were asked to specify a username and password,

thats what you need to use to log in.

If you forgot your log in info you can contact support@secureserver.net


Your nameservers are






As to subdomains you do not use DNS

log into to your cpanel as per your welcomw e-mail

look for subdomains to create them



:) Welcome to the family ;)


if you need anything just ask your new family.

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Building a bit on Don's post...


Who was your previous registrar? If you have made the request through TCH to move registrar duties to TCH, then you should be getting an email to confirm this request. Once you respond to that, you give TCH the authority to pursue your current registrar and transfer that duty to TCH.

This is what you paid the $10.95 for... that and an extra year of domain name registration.

It will be pretty well automatic since you transferred registrars. You just need to pay attention to your email you used to register for TCH... and make sure that it is NOT the domain name you are moving as services for that will be interrupted.


As for subdomains, you do not control DNS with these. They reside under your primary domain and cannot be pointed like that. You can set them up to forward, but that is it.


If you still have questions, feel free to ask away or open a help desk ticket. Just check your emails from TCH first, as what you seek may already be there. :huh:

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