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If i purchase a starter plan what is the porvision when the bandwith is exceeded in any given month? Do you automatically charge for the additional bandwith? :dance: Specifically does the additional charge affect only the month wherein the overage occurs or are there other contingencies?


Secondly, what anti spam programs are available?

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At 80% of bandwidth used, you will get an email warning you that you should purchase more bandwidth. (1 gig is $2.50 monthly). If you then exceed your bandwidth, your account is automaticaly suspended.


Spam Assassin is available to use on the servers.


Does that answer your questions? Look forward to welcoming you to the family! Rock Sign

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My wife's site just excedded the bandwidth limit last month with one day left to go. I was notified repeadly throughout the last week that it was over the 80% level. That gave me plenty of time to upgrade because this is the third month that we topped 80%.


Of course I didn't do anything until it actually was shut down :dance: , but was supprised that although I wasn't in a big hurry (it was only down for a day and it is a personal site, not a real business site), I received multiple emails from billing over the weekend to help get it upgraded. According to TCH, billing does not work over the weekend.


The TotalChoice Hosting billing department is only open till 5:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday. Tickets issued to the billing department over the weekend or holidays will not be answered till the next business day.


Amazing support! Rock Sign


I paid for the upgrade this morning. $1 more a month to virtually double bandwidth! Rock Sign

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