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Approval Of Posts On Forum


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I need to install a forum where posts need to be approved before they appear on the forum. This is not a high volume forum - few posts, though higher traffic.


There's a pre-approval mod for phpBB, but that whole forum is overkill for my use.


I also found Talkshop (cgi), and http://phorum.org/ (PHP).


Can I use any of these here, or are there other good choices for me?

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And again, that whole board is way overkill for my use. Maybe a blog would be better?




On second thought, it doesn't look right either. I quite like Talkshop, even though it's VERY basic and often a pain. Something similar in PHP would be good, but with way better admin tools.

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mmm, I need a board type thingy, where the posts aren't expanded (like they usually are on a blog). It should be pre-moderated, open for guests, and some members should be allowed to posts without pre-moderation.


And it should be less comprehensive than the really big forum types, in that it won't power a busy forum.

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With Invision you can set each forum to be moderated 4 different ways.


1. No moderation

2. Moderate all topics and replies

3. Moderate new topics but not replies

4. Moderate replies but not new topics


And Invision is included in cPanel as a one click install.

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