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ok...this is is just an example of what I need...don't ask why i would need such a thing b/c its for some script i'm writing for fun...

a very simple mysql table...

TABLE urls

->FIELD1 INT "id" this is set to primary and autoincrement



what would be the most efficient way to find the next (id) integer in line to be pushed onto the database. Is there an easy way around this w/o doing a major query to the database. Trying to find the next Cardinality of that key.


Remember: the ID is set to autoincrement so it would just be a query to find the max id on that table and just increment..




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I'm not sure I understand your question correctly because, if you enter a value for FIELD2 and leave FIELD1 as NULL or zero, MySQL will handle the auto-increment for you when you post.


If you want to handle the auto increment yourself you need something like this:




if result = Null then

MyNextRecordNumber = 1


MyNextRecordNumber = (result + 1)


This will most likely not work at all, (it is only pseudo code), but it gives you an idea of how to tackle the problem.

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