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when I do a search in google using "reiki australia" my redirection page http://www.sphosting.com/reikiseichim/ (about 30th)gets a much higher rating than my actual page http://www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com/(about 60th). Can someone explain how a nearly blank page can get a greater rating than my actual site.


Also I have a very high rating with yahoo(number one), under the same search, how can I increase my rating with google without altering my rating with yahoo.


Very confusing, can someone please shed some light on the subject.


Steve :unsure:

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There are many possible reasons for this. As Rob said, backlinks are a big deal for Google right now. Also important is the link of the text itself. If you have "Reiki Seichm" as the text of the link back to your site it will rate much higher than "visit www.whatever.com" would.


Besides this, Google and Yahoo use different ranking methods so they won't be the same. Yahoo doesn't place as much emphasis on backlinks as Google does for instance. What's more is that the other guys may be using cloaking to show one page to Google with tons of ugly keywords and a different page to the normal visitor.


Finally, Google has been acting strangely lately and one of it's problems is just what you mention. It could very well be just that Google's broken for awhile - they may have tried to wipe out one kind of spam but made another rank higher. With the complex algorithms they use it's bound to be easy to mess it up from time to time... we just hope the times are small.

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Could you please explain backlinks to this newby?



Back links = other website that link to your site.


When Google indexes other sites they follow the links to your site. The more sites indexed by google that have the "back links" to your site the better rank you will get.


The redirect can have a higher PR than the acuall page if all of the back links are to the redirect

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Thank you for your help, it gets very confusing as a newby, its hard enough learning to make a web site without trying to work out search engine ratings. I have two more questions.

:huh: (1) When looking for backlinks does it make a difference where the site places there links. eg. is it better to have backlinks with sites that put links on there front page, rather than a links page. And is it better to have a backlink on a higher rating site your own.


:( (2) In google search. if I again put in "reiki australia" what makes a single page like this get 1st listing http://www.innerjourneys.com.au/reiki-project.htm . Sorry if this is a stupid question, but it doesnt have anything that ive read that will help a person to get a higher rating.


Mad!!! :huh: ;) :( :P Steve

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Hey Steve,

You are right in that it is very complex and no one knows the whole story - if they say they do then don't listen to them! :P


A backlink is like a vote for your site. If I place a link to you from my charterboat fishing captain's page and the PageRank there is a 4 then it's not worth as much to you as a link from the Australian Alternative Medicine page if their pagerank is 4 also. Since they (my made up AAM site :huh:) are in a related field then a vote from them is more impressive than a vote from some fishing guy in the States.


Also, the higher the page voting for you with a link is the better it is for you. Remember, in the world of search engines there is very rarely even such a thing as a web site... each page pretty much stands on its own. This can explain why an internal page ranks higher than the index page. Perhaps someone linked to the internal page or the words on that page fall such that they get a higher rank by the Google algorithm.


Since most sites focus on their front page for building business most of the time a link from the front page would be best for you. If, however, the front page of Sears has a pagerank (PR) of 5 and the Home-Health department has a PR of 8 then a link from the inner Home-Health page would be better for you. Again, Google doesn't care that this page is front page and that one is not - it just sees pages out there all mixed together and stacked up.


Hope it helps - always feel free to ask - these are not dumb questions at all!

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