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Have You Guys Seen This?


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Thanks for posting that Weezy - I still can't stop laughing! You just gotta love a guy with such a great attitude! :) The world could use plenty more like him. Will be fun to see how it all plays out. :)

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I am glad you all liked it!


We have been following it all day.


I guess he is going to be on radio/TV as well.


I see he has a publishing sign in name, so I am thinking this could be advertising for him?


That page has had like 4 million hits?


Can you imagine the bandwith EBAY is using?


Only a hosting reseller would think that. :Nerd:





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Weezy: Somebody sent that addy to me a couple of days ago and I, too, was rotfl-ing. I forwarded the addy to another list, a political one and sometimes, very serious. They were discussing Bush and I thought a good laugh was needed. To date nobody has mentioned visiting that site...but I bet a few snuck over there and secretly laughed! :dance:



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Just a minute before bid closing time, the site was overloaded and it was difficult to log on.

But the winning bid weighed in at $3,850.


There had been higher bids, but they'd been withdrawn,

with a little help from eBay.


From the link to his site

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