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Mod Rewrite Problem....


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After reading through these...I still can't get this darn simple mod rewrite rule to work. Can anyone help.

Trying to have this... ex. www.****/123 redirect to www.****/in.php?link=123


This is what I have, Am I even close?

>RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule   ^/(.*) /in.php?link=$1  [R]


Thanks for your time,


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I got it working with the following...

>RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^([0-9]+) /in.php?link=$1


but every time I change the regular expression it goes all down the crapper...don't know why.


I tried these and none work...only the [0-9]






HELP??? :)

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I hadn't tried just using [A-Z] rather than [a-z]...

You would never guess what happened.


I get this error on my apache log file.

RewriteRule: cannot compile regular expression '^([a-z]+)'


Yet it goes perfectly through ^([A-Z]+)


why the hell is it having problems with a lowercase list. Any ideas...

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