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It looks to me like someone got in, somehow, and messed it up. I viewed your source and won't put here what I found. There is only one entry that shows and it's full of foul language.....


Maybe it can be restored to an earlier date which would fix it. I would put in a help desk ticket. Then I would change my admin password for it.

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Oh no, I didn't even have time to look at the source - I will remove the page at once (or as we say here 'post toasties') and then request a back up / restore.


I do have a backup, but TCH's may be more current




Yes, that was pretty nasty and I'm sorry you had to see it. This is very upsetting. Not the guestbook. I'll get that back or start a new one. Just that someone would deface something like that. Makes me very sad.

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Yes Don, I certainly will. Unfortunately the restoration also contains the damage. This suprises me because the guestbook was fine 2 days ago.


However, the database appears to be intact. I'm hoping maybe I can do with something with that.


I have all the files locally, I don't know if that helps me or not. :lol:


I'm also not sure I want to bother.

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Unfortunately the backup TCH has damaged files as well. :) My luck too, I just edited some book entries 2 days ago too and it was fine then.


I was able to restore from a December 2003 backup though. I will still have to fix up the pages to match the site, as I lost all of that with the fresh install. :(


Thanks folks.

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