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I Need A Banner That Isn't Lame...

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The one on my site now is supposed to look like Matrix code, but it really doesn't. The glyphs are too tiny, and the color scheme throws people off.


Problem is, if I make the glyphs any bigger, the text becomes unreadable. If I keep them green-on-black, it doesn't match the rest of the site. The end result is I make the banner with small glyphs and white-on-gray, and it just looks like a bunch of squiggles :)


Anyone have any suggestions?

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I'd go with Green on Black for the Matrix effect and put the banner on every page for continuity (then it will 'go' with the rest of your site). I'd also move the text so that it's below or alongside the glyphs... do a whole different layout that incorporates both the glyphs and the text, but not with the glyphs overlaying the text. It's hard to read now, even in white-on-gray. Maybe put your text in the top-left corner (like a logo) and have the glyphs start just to the right and continue along the top of the page? If you use a computer-ish font for the text ("/Assorted Geekery") it will tie in better with the matrix effect of the glyphs and make a nice logo/banner.


Just MHO...



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Thanks, VI. That font is actually Monaco, but it doesn't look all that computer-y at 60pt, especially once I've mutilated it in Photoshop.


I think I might steer away from the whole Matrix thing, anyway. I'm not good enough to make it look cool. Maybe something simple, like ~/assortedgeekery/ in 9pt Monaco blown up to full size (so it stays pixelated). And I haven't quite figured out what I want my "path" to be, or even if it should be a path at all.

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I think it would look better as black and green as well, sorry I didnt have a computer looking type font.


I couldnt kake the grey look right. I do like the pixelated idea though.


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I like it too. But...


What if the glyphs came "dripping" out of the text??? Just an idea cause it's still kind of hard to read.... The drip look might put the text above the glyphs for the most part... I don't know, Just thinking out loud here.


Hey... anybody notice that all our online/offline graphics are missing?

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