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Exclude Myself From Awstats?

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Hi everyone. I'm new to this whole web hosting thing, but so far TCH has really been great. I very much appreciate these forums!


Anyway, is there any way to filter hits from my own computer from being recorded by AWStats? I see this in the conf file:

># Do not include access from clients that match following criteria.
# If your log file contains IP adresses in host field, you must put here
# matching IP adresses criteria.
# If DNS lookup is already done in your log file, you must put here hostname
# criteria.
# Note: Use space between each value.
# Example: " 163.84."
# Example: "localhost abcxyz"
# Default: ""

Which seems great, but I was hoping to avoid having to put my actual IP in there, since it changes every so often. The "localhost" bit seems promising, but I've tried every permutation of "Christopher-Biaginis-Computer.local" I can think of, and I still show up in the traffic reports.


This fact, combined with the fact that the novelty of having my own domain name causes me to click it every 30 seconds, results in some very inaccurate logs!


I'd appreciate any help you folks can offer!

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I havent had a dynamic IP in a few years but have you tried How about the first 2 of the IP range you are given, the 127.0 part? Wouldn't be perfect as it would stop everyone from your ISP to be counted.


I will see if I can find anything else.

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Thanks for the quick reply!


I hesitated to include anything generic like "" or "localhost" since every computer refers to itself by those, right? I tried them, though, and they didn't work..


I can type "http://christopher-biaginis-computer.local/" into my web browser and I get the page that my own computer is serving. I was hoping that this was good enough to identify my computer to AWStats, but I guess not.


It's not a huge deal, really. Thanks much for your help, though! I'm a student and I like to learn about this stuff :blink:

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Chris, you are correct, and localhost refer to the computer itself, not another computer on the network. If you use those on the SkypHosts


If you have a dynamic IP address, you don't have a way to keep yourself from being tracked by AWStats. Unless, as Rob said, you are willing to sacrifice a lot of your ISP clients' visits to your site.

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