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Poor Services, What Is Going On?

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Does TCH ownership changed or something;

we use TCH service and so far happy with it because of their service;


but my friend signed up for hosting after I recommended TCH; now after two weeks these guys don't bother to follow the order properly;

What is going on?


he was so angry with the poor respond that today he has sent an email ( third email ) to TCH support requiring to cancel the service and refund the money to his company's CC,


This is beyond believed. :rolleyes:

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I'm sorry your friend is unhappy with the service but I would suggest sending a Private Message to one of the staff rather than posting in the open forums. Before we can help determine the problem we need more information. You have provided nothing for us to go on. We would need to know the domain name, email address used to sign up, and your friend's name. It would also help to have any ticket numbers for the Help Desk. This information is better provided in private.


There are a number of possibilities as to why your friend believes we have not responded. One of the most common problems is having a typo in the email address used to send the message. The best place to inquire on the problem is the Help Desk link at the top of this page.


I can guarantee you that if a ticket was sent in it was answered and probably within a short period of time.

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I did not post here to solve the problem;

That’s why I didn’t leave any detailed info regarding the problem;

I just wanted to say that there are problems. (communication )


as much as I know; he sent an email this morning asking for terminating the service. I don't know if he has recieved any email after that.

but if you want to see what is going on; the domain is ?????


As I mentioned I am happy with your service;


I just don't understand how this can happened.




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The original email arrived at 8:27pm on April 22 and I answered it personally at 8:34pm. I know they received the reply because they then emailed me directly the next day. I did not receive it until last night since I was not working during the day. I sent a response then as well and resent the Welcome Email.


Seven minutes is a pretty good response time. They did not contact us until several days had passed after signing up. The email they used to contact us was not the same one used to place the order. The account was set up shortly after signing up but they apparently did not get the email sent to a Yahoo account. We have no control over that.

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Last time I checked I was still in charge of TCH.


First of all, if you want to contact us, sending email is NOT the prefered method of support. In fact , I just reviewed our support pages (in case you dont know where that page is at http://totalchoicehosting.com/web-hosting-support.html) and I fail to find the section that states please email us for support. If you can locate that please let me know, as we do not advocate support communications via email :blink:


With that said we responded to the email he sent within seven minutes. Thats timely response in my view.


Secondly, I am online via Instant Messenger always. So is my staff.


Sorry your friend had troubles, however I really dont think we are to blame here. Perhaps he/she should have read the support pages a little closer, submitting a technical support ticket as the support pages indicate would have resolved his issues within moments.

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