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New Domain Name - Already Spam - More Confusion

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I registered a new domain name last night with godaddy. It resolved/propagated tonight (about 20 hours later - about normal).


I go into my horde e-mail for the first time - and already there are five spam messages. My new domain name is rather obscure. The only thing I can figure - spammers are crawling the whois database everyday.


I sent some test messages to my new account, and it appears almost anything goes through (without bouncing). That is, I tried variations of anything@newaccont.com and it doesn't bounce - it goes into my inbox.


Yet, I posted another similar thread in this forum a few nights ago about a different account. On that account, nothing seems to be going through (always bounced) until I first set up and account where I defined the e-mail address. So now, I'm really confused as to what will - and won't work on new e-mail accounts - until we set them up. I just sent another test message to anything@the-other-account, and it still bounces. Whats the difference between the two accounts? They are both under the same reseller account. Why is one accepting anything before the @ symbol and the other account rejecting anything before the @ symbol - (unless I've specifically set it up)????



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You may already know this, but for anyone new:


By default,

a new account is set up with the cpanel name as your default email

and is a catch all, or will accept anything.


You can change your default e-mail to :blackhole: in cpanel > e-mail

and then set up the accounts you want.


Don't forget to change your contact e-mail at the top of cpanel here

to something not at your site, like your ISP e-mail, so you can be contacted if you site is not working.







ouch! good tip

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I tried username@1st-account, and it bounced. This is the account that bounces everything - unless I’ve added the e-mail address.


I then tried username@2nd-account, and it accepted it. This is the account that seems to accept anything – unless I’ve blocked it.


Anyways, I will try the blackhole thing.

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Turns out that the "default" address on one account was not set to my cpanel username. It was set to the default username that the web hosting manager uses with a new account. Thing is, I changed that - to a format I use for all my reseller accounts. Double checked it from my web hosting manager, it was set to what I changed it to. But somehow the web hosting manager default name stuck in my cpanel e-mail account. So, I changed the default e-mail address to match my cpanel name.


NOW both accounts work the same (accept just about anything without bouncing).


It appears this is the rule:


If the default e-mail account is set to your cpanel name, it will accept anything until you set up filters. If the default e-mail is NOT the same as your cpanel name, it will bounce almost everything - until you add accounts.


Well, that's what seems to be the case for now - after much experimenting.

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If you are forwarding your default account to :blackhole: your mails simply get Deleted.

If you set the forward for your default account to :fail: it would let the mails Bounceback .


No matter what is your cpanel account name, if a forwarder is set with that name, you can choose what to do with your mails on that default account.



TIP: Don't forget the Colons when setting up forwarders.

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