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Ie6 Cache Problem


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I've been using Firefox, so this hasn't been a huge issue, but my IE @ home is useless at the moment: when I launch IE, it pulls up fine. If I go to a page that I have never visited, all is fine. If I go to a page that I have visited, then I am looking at a stored version. Here are my settings and what I have done:


I've ran Window Washer ~ still does it


In internet options, I've deleted my cookies and stored files. Also, in the setttings it is set to check for newer versions of a page at every visit (also tried automatically).


What in the heck am I missing? Not that I am missing IE or anything, but I just hate the thought of a 'dead soft' taking up hard drive space :)

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Maybe its stuck and needs a little push. Try these.

under Internet Options:

delete cookies

delete files

clear history


under Settings

lower the amount of disk space to use to zero


now close out IE and reboot computer

start IE and go back and reset the disk space to the amount you had before or a reasonable number for your available space


see if that clears it up. If not try clicking refresh on the pages to clear the old ones out.

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