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More Windows Vulnerabilities...


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Vulnerabilities, I think thats the code name for Microsoft's next OS. :)

Anyway, half of those are from "buffer overrun". Microsoft is claiming that in XP SP2, core components will be recompiled to help protect against buffer overruns. Well I'm not going to hold my breath for that one. I have been playing with Redhat and am just about ready to do a complete switch over.

Thanks for the info Raul.

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It's interesting that this topic came up because I was just in a Microsoft Clinic class today -- course #2801A "Microsoft Security Guidance Training I". Call that serendipity or a cowinkidink!

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What's a vulnerability again? I havent seen one in a while now. :)

Yeah, yeah, yeah ... we know you've all got the ultimate patch called "Alternate OS". Must be nice!


:) (hee hee)

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Yep, 20. Pretty cool, huh... <_<



Dick, you've been using Red Hat? If you're considering a switch or even a parallel installation with windows, I'd say go for Fedora Core. I't much more up to date and it's still free. Version 2 is coming out May 17 so if you want to wait one more month, upgrade to Fedora Core 2 at that time. :)


Also, I guess I don't need to reminf you of reading through the various threads about this topic we have here on the forms, right? :)


EDIT: I don't know what I meant by "and it's still free". I was probably still asleep. I had just got up from bed :P

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EDIT: I don't know what I meant by "and it's still free". I was probably still asleep. I had just got up from bed <_<

Probably because the only version of RedHat that is still available (and still officially supported by RedHat after April 30), is RedHat Enterprise, which is not free.


Fedora Legacy supports the older versions still though.

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Yes, that was probably it. I really don't know what I was thinking at the time I wrote that B)


For those of you wondering, the Fedora Project was a community project that aimed to provide Red Hat Linux users with RPM packages of the most recent versions of lots of software. They merged with Red Hat and Red Hat Linux 9 was the last official version from Red Hat. After that, Fedora Core is the Linux OS that is built by a community with the same goals of the Fedora Project and the expertise of Red Hat, which still contributes to the project and derives it's own Enterprise Linux from it.


Fedora Legacy: http://fedoralegacy.org/

Fedora Project: http://www.fedora.us/

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I'd absolutely love to switch os's and I've looked into it on a number of occasions whenever resources/time allow.


Each time though, I've ended up "giving up" and going back to Windows.


I know .. I know ...


It's not a lack of desire to grasp the technical side of it - that's easily learnt ... it's just lack of time.


The "excuse" everytime has been "ah well, spent 2 days on this part, should have spent that time working on ..." followed by "and anyway, I'm going to miss (insert name of software such as Dreamweaver here) - maybe better the devil you know".


It's a feeble excuse, but the best I can come up with ....



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