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Two New Sites!


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Site #1:


Luscious Mango

Luscious Mango: JustAGirl and Geeky American Princess

Personal website of Faith Love

Linkback in menu frame (left.html), so always visible

Rank evaluation (please) :)



Site #2:

In Our Cups

In Our Cups

Bawdy/taverny/feathery female trio, performing primarily at renaissance faires

Linkback at bottom of page

Rank evaluation (pretty please) :)


I'm pretty sure I'm responsible for at least four sites moving to TCH -- how many more until I get a t-shirt? ;) What about a toaster oven?

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Alright, got them both added! They should be on the list by tonight, when I upload all the changes I have made. :)


PageRank Eval. for Luscious Mango: JustAGirl and Geeky American Princess


Title: Although what is there is cute, you might mention here name, or "Luscious Mango: The personal website of ___________"

Meta Tags: Good!

Navigation: Good!

Content: Good!


PageRank Eval. for In Our Cups


Title: Might be better if instead of the cute description in there, giving a better definition of who you are and what you're about.

Meta Tags: See Title above.. :)

Navigation: Where I like it, right in my face! :) Good!

Content: Very nice. Might think about dividing the text on the page up a little, make it in shorter paragraphs so it's a little easier to read. Other than that, it's gold.

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