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Newbie Needs Help


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Hi all, I just bought hosting about six hours ago, and right before that I got the domain address I wanted through the links you provided.


I received an email telling me what the nameservers attached to the domain name are. Is this the welcome letter? If not, any idea how long until I can get up and going?



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Hi Dennis!


If you received an email listing the two nameservers for you, then that is your welcome email.


It takes 24-72 hours for the nameserver updates to propagate the internet. Until the updates occur, you will not be able

to access your site by the domain name. You can, however, access the site by the http://ip address/~username that was listed in the welcome email.


Welcome to TotalChoice Hositng!



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There should be an ip number listed in the welcome email.


You would access it this way: (this is just an example, so the numbers and username will not be right)




Simply replace the numbers above with the ip number your website will be on (listed in the welcome email), and replace the word dennis with your username

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Biesma, Junior already told you what you need to know but I'd like to add just a little thing:


"He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever." - Old chinese proverb


Meaning: just because you don't have experience on this webhosting world, it doesn't make you an idiot. This is no rocket science. In time, you'll learn :(


Welcome to the family :D

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I totally agree. We were all new at one time....asking is the way to learn. If you EVER need a questions asked, feel free to do so, either here on the forum, or in a support desk ticket.


We are here to help you!


Welcome to your new home! B)

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You may not have...I will check on this. Sometimes it can take up to 12 hours for an account to be set up.


Please send an email to tony@totalchoicehosting.com with your name, domain name, and password you chose and I will see what has happened.


It could be that the account has been set up already, but the welcome email never arrived.

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