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New Totalchoice Hosting Help & Support Web Site


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In an effort to help our customers get the most out of the services we provide, we have opened a NEW TotalChoice Hosting Help & Support Web Site!


This new web site has instructional tutorial movies to help solve any 'how to' question you may have! Plus, we have a FAQ link for the most frequently asked questions, the latest announcements related to TotalChoice Hosting, a link to our Forum, and of course, a link to our Support Desk, should your question not be answered in this area.


This new web site is very informative, and to the point, and just about any issue that you may have arise can, most likely, be found in this site.


We ask that you check the new site out completely. We have went into very detailed explaination on most ever aspect dealing with your site, cPanel, and for resellers, WHM.


If you do have a question about your site, please refer here first before submitting a support desk ticket. We are getting numerous tickets asking the same quesitons, so we developed this new site to answer those for you. You will get your questions answered much faster from this web site, as it takes us time to get to each support ticket. We spend quite a bit of time on each support ticket, to get the very best solution to you, the first time. This process takes time, and will cause a delay in the waiting tickets. If you can get the answer here for your question, you will not have to open a support ticket.


Don't get me wrong...we are eager to help you in any way, but ask that before you submit your support desk ticket, that you check this new site first to see if your answer is there.


As usual, if we can be of any assistance, please feel free to make contact with us.


We appreciate your business, and look forward to continually making upgrades to our service in order to serve you better.


Choice does matter, and we are glad you have choosen us to be your web hosting service!

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I think this is a great idea Tony! I'll be reading through it over the weekend! I have a suggestion:


A navigation bar or a link back to the homepage on some of the TC pages that currently don't have them would be extremely helpful.


For example the BB, the help desk and domain management page. In some cases the header image could be the link. Currently I have 6 hotlinks setup in my browser to access TC. I think that could be taken down to 2: one for my Cpanel and one to a secured member page with all other links... or something of that nature.


Just my 2 cents! :(

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I know that a lot of hard work and hours of effort are responsible for this new help website. My personal THANKS to all that contributed in the design and content.


I'm sure I'll be referencing that site regularly here on the forums and appreciate that it now exists.


Kudos (or as some here say, "Mad Props") Gurus! You ROCK



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in response to having to keep multiple links to the various TCH sites, we tried with the new Help site to provide such reference links. On every page, we have given you quick links at the top to the Help Desk, theis Discussion forum and to the TCH main web site. In all cases, the links will open up in a new browser window. Hopefully that will help. But agreed, more work to do, and so little time to do it in!



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Looks a great resource, most helpful, thanks


Just a couple of small points


on User boards: the last line reads "yourself.are responsible for installin Invision."


on NewsPro: the links didn't work for me :-(


Thanks again



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Very .... very good! I have not reviewed it all but what I have seen so far is excellent ... seriously (and I am one picky son-of-a-gun)!


When we see typo's, grammatical problems, etc., where would you like those posted? On this thread?

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