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URL: http://www.gissur.com

Link: <a title="Gissur's Blog Spot" href="http://www.gissur.com/">Gissur's Blog Spot</a>

Description: Fun online Blog run by Gissur Simonarson who talks about the current events and shows you fun things to find online. Has movie reviews, music reviews, and a fun little forum to chat on as well.


I have already linked your site on the right side bar.


Rank Evaluation (please)


I would love for you to tell me what I can do to get it a higher ranking... its a bit hard for a blogging site to do something like that. I have a robot.txt that tells the spider to go ahead and search everything. I pink www.weblogs.com and www.blo.gs. I've added to google, and come up first when you type in Gissur. Sure its a unique name, yet there are 6,000 some pages with it, so my gissur.com pops up first and my gissur.deviantart.com is second hehe.

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As far as evaluation goes, weblogs are pretty high up there. The reason for this, as I understand it, is that there is so much pure, text content that the spiders can grab a lot of it to index it. This has been the subject of much discussion around google bombing, since many bloggers often pick up on the same subject; thereby raising the common opinon very high on googles listings.


The only thing that you may have issues with is your title. BlogSpot is a very, very popular hosting service; unfortunately it's utilized by most of the wrong type of sites, and they won't police it.


You may want to re-consider the title just for that. BlogSpot is one word and yours is two, but it's close enough to be an issue.


Everything on your page looks great though. Welcome to the family! ;)

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