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Hello Everyone,


I am not sure if this is the place to post a question, but since it is a HOW-TO question I thought I would post it here. My question is, How can I get or write a contact form in PHP to work with TCH HTTPs server and PHP?


A while back a read a post from some who created a PHP form to send email, but instead of having the email spelled exactley he broke it up into variable and concantinated the variable to send the form. This is a great idea since those pesky web bots cant read your email address and spam you.


I have a contacts page that I want to customer to be able to fill out a form instead of using the Mailto tag. It my opinion a hassle when the html page opens my email program to a email. I would much rather just fill the info out on the website and send the info.


I would also like to use the same script with some simple modifing to send an inquiry form that is secure since the customer may be including credit card info.


I read an article in the forums that is similar but there was no answer.


In summary here are the things I would like to have:


1. PHP script to send an email to the web page owner so the to email wouldn't change


2. Email address broken up into 4 vaiables for example.

var 1 = pla

var 2 = inj1

var 3 = @be

var 4 = llsouth.net


3. Work with TCH's free HTTPS


Thanks for the help,


Mr Wisdom12 (Who is not so full of wisdom when it comes to PHP)

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I've used something called Jack's FormMail. It's a PHP script that allows users to send email from a form on your web site.


It's very easy to install and implement. I'm not sure if it's the same formmail script being offered by Surefire, but I found it here ... www.dtheatre.com/scripts/formmail.php

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I used their form mail script a long time ago... it might have changed, but I recall that the goal of the script was to basically be an exact copy of the popular, but insecure, Matt's FormMail cgi perl script. At the time, the recipient email address (your email) was passed to the script by a hidden tag in the form. This is the main reason why Matt's FormMail can be used for spam exploits.


Regardless of whose code you use, the recipient must be hardcoded into the script or it is vulnerable to hijacking. You don't want to be accused of spam and the rest of the folks on your server don't want that either.


Be careful.

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