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Render Blender, LLC

Render Blender is ready to launch.


Render Blender, LLC is a Lighting Design software support site. We take the WYSIWYG software authored by Cast and provide realistic animated renderings. It is pretty specialized but rather cool.


We have a link to TCH on our home page.


We are still taking suggestions for fine tuning the site, so Rank Evaluation please.


Peace, Tony Rock Sign

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Hiya Tony :dance:


You'll need to read the message, "Pinned: How To Add Your Site." You have to list a few items to get added.


I'm probably not the one to give instructions on formatting as I don't know php and all that, but I often use tables at work set to 100% or 90% - that way they expand according to the viewer's resolution. Yours definitely scrolls off with my 800x600 screen.

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Alright just got you added to the list. :) You should be included on tonight's update, so don't go crazy if you don't see it just yet.. Give me a while to upload after I'm finished with all of these. :)


PageRank Eval.


Title: Perfect! :) Right to the point, nice indeed.

Meta Tags: Might want to fine-tune these a little bit. Make sure they are aimed to best describe your buisness.

Navigation: Right in my face, love 'em!

Content: Nice! Only thing I would change would keep your logo on each page. You don't want random people coming to one part of your site, think that it's awesome, and not know the company behind it! :)

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