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Adoptananimal.ca Has Launched! :)


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1. http://www.adoptananimal.ca


2. Adopt an Animal Canada


3. A free national database of animal shelters, rescues, sanctuaries, and pounds within Canada where you can search for pets to adopt. You can even do a "virtual adoption" for exotic animals and wildlifes in sanctuaries! Search by animal, breed and province or just enter your zip code and tell us what mile radius you want to look within.


4. Please acknowledge that you have a link back to TotalChoice Hosting : http://adoptananimal.ca/about/thanks.php


Rank Evaluation (please) - if you have a moment. :)

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You have been added to the list! Please wait on checking it till tonight, so I have enough time to finish the rest of these and get this all updated. :)


Page Rank Eval.


Title: Great! :)

Meta Tags: You're looking like a pro! You might cut down your description a little bit, you always want to be quick and to the point.

Navigation: Clean and Simple, Good Stuff!

Content: Doesn't looked too bogged down. You might ditch the extra white space for content on each page though if you can.

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Nice site, Snipe!


You're using phrases which is good. The title, for SEO purposes, could be more keyword heavy at the front. It's up to you if you want to go with aesthetics or squeeze every little bit of search engine rank you can out of it. Either works in the right situation.


The white-on-white is risky. If the search engines detect that they may penalize you for spamming. You're much better off turning it into info that a visitor would be interested in and making it visible. Granted, using CSS may be safe for awhile but eventually the SE's will catch on or a competitor will report you - besides, let the folks in on some more great info and work in those words into the added content. If you bold them or make them header tags it may be worth more than just the plain text anyway.


Best wishes on the sites! Animals are great but the people that help them are even greaterer. ;)

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