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Preserving Log Files


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I've heard good things about Totalchoice.


But my dealbreaker (after some bad experience) is the raw access logs.


I need to be able to download them after the month is over.


I know it's a feature of cpanel, but I have experience with cpanel (another host) where I only get maybe a week's worth of log through raw log manager - something doesn't work.


So, what can you offer me to make sure I can preserve my logs and download them when I have the time (within the next month)?

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Yes, I know that. I have cpanel at another host.


The issue for me is if the archiving actually WORKS at totalchoice.


It clearly doesn't at my old host.


EDIT: I should note that the feature that doesn't work properly is exactly the one you provided in the screenshot. It gives me about 6 days worth of logs towards the end of the month, but not including the last day of the month.


And when does it archive each month? At the end, near the end or just after the end of the month?


We're talking about a domain with about 5 gigabyte of traffic.


A gzipped log file for one month would be around 10-12 megabytes. I know I can download them through FTP, so that should work. AS LONG AS the archived files contain the whole month.

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With a big site, the excercise of moving it is a lot of stress. I've got lots of cgi scripts and other stuff that needs to be planned - what do I keep, and what do I switch around.


I'd like to find out as much as possible about the new host before I actually join.


I've got a few more months before it's time to move.


I'd appreciate a double check like I asked for in my earlier post. If your logs are too big, you could process them with analog or another program that gives you the start and stop times.

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OK, thanks for the reply. Seems we are on at the same time, not seeing each other's latest posts before replying!


Yes, you almost always get a few from the previous month on properly configured systems. As long as there are no gaps, that's fine


Looks like I'll be bookmarking the forum while planning the move, before I make a final decision. Might see more of me here, whenever I think of something else to ask about!


BTW, just found a really good formmail thingy:




Looks secure to me, as long as the recipient is properly configured INSIDE the script, and it's tight enough with the options.

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As long as it hides the e-mail address inside the script, so there's NO mention of it on the form page, I'm happy. Otherwise I'll keep the other one, thank you. I'll be happy to rename it something ridiculous


EDIT: Looks like it does hide the address. I'll check it out when the time comes.

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