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2 Domains And One E-mail


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let me know if this is possible with TCH?


I have two domain names. I would like to recieve e-mail for both domain names all going into the same e-mail account and all with the same reply to address. but i only want one of the domain names to go to the hosted website. can the other domain name www go nowhere?



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There are probably lots of ways to do what you are asking but perhaps the easiest to set up would be email filters. They could say "If address is www.junkdomain.com then move them to trash". You could do this with a local email client, a third party email service or even in your online TCH email system with the proper filters.


If you have specific requests for your entire domain name then the best bet would be to put in a help desk ticket and let the techs tell you about MX records and such.

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