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Newsheadlines/Weather, etc.


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I would like to build my own "my.yahoo" like page, so I can customize it completely the way I want and not have any ads. Am I dreaming? :-)


I want to do several different types of things, but headlines news is one of them.


I've looked at NewsClipper, and that's the sort of thing I'm thinking of. http://www.newsclipper.com


An example of the output I'm thinking of would be at:



I found some ASP code on-line, but

Has anyone done anything like this? Any suggestions or ideas?



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Thanks for the advice, everyone!

I've managed to get some weather stuff working, although it's still in trial mode:

www.bweiss.com/Trials/weather.htm and www.bweiss.com/Trials/weather2.htm

I even got the promo info deleted from the image, although I intend to put a single one at the bottom of the page to credit them. (I just didn't want two per city!)


I'm still playing with news (www.bweiss.com/Trials/portal.htm and newsportals.htm)


I started looking at the JavaScript for morenover.com, and it needs some polishing--the generated code offended my sensibilities.



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