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A Few Pre-sales Questions


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Hi all,


From everything that I've read and heard, TCH looks like the way to go for my hosting needs. However, before I finalize that, I'm hoping that a few questions can be answered:


1) My current domain name is up for expiry soon. I'd like to take advantage of your $10.95 price for the renewal of my domain, but I can't find any confirmation that you can register .ca names. Can you confirm that I can register a .ca domain name with you?


2) Is it possible to renew my domain with TCH before the name expires with my current registrar?


3) Is it possible to arrange the ftp access to setup and test the website before the domain name is pointed to TCH, to avoid any downtime?


4) Regarding your hosting packages, If I pay for the 1 year up front to take advantage of the dicount, is it possible to change the plan partway through that year, at a prorated rate? Ie, if I wanted to go up to a package with more space or more bandwidth, can I pay the prorated difference between the two packages at the time of the change?


5) Regarding the advanced features that you offer (bbs especially) is it easy to change and configure the look/feel to match the rest of my site?


6) Finally, do you email out usage statistics monthly? If so, does that include hit counts of any kind?


Thanks in advance for your help.



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I'm a customer, but I can help you with most of your questions.


1) I'm 90% sure that they do .ca extensions.


2) It's possible to renew before your domain name expires, but there is a cut-off time where your current registrar will not let you transfer if you are too close to the expiration date. I'm not sure what the timeframe is, but it should be less than 14 days and may be as little as 7 days. After that, your domain name locks until it is renewed.


3) You will have FTP access to your account area after your account is set-up. That information is usually contained in the "welcome" e-mail.


4) I'm pretty sure you can pro-rate whole months when upgrading. I believe that you would pay the difference of whole months up-front. However, partial months are not done because of the paperwork involved. It is truly a pain!


5) Every included script usually has some measure of flexibility. Some BBs are more flexible than others. My advice would be to research them according to their own sites and find out what one offers the flexibility you desire. However, I'm pretty confident that you can match colors on most every BB out there.


6) I've never received an e-mail note on usage. However, there are several different on-line packages that allow you to analyze your account any time you want. The detail is just overwhelming!!!! Basically I can't imagine a need that is not offered for this kind of function.


Just a final note from me to you ... I wish I paid up front!!!! A free month and this level of service is just unspeakable. There's nothing that makes TCH shine more than when they handle problems that occur with every hosting provider, whether they want to admit it or not. These guys are absolutely top-notch. From the techs to the owner himself (it's his birthday today). What they do for what you give to them as payment is just the bargain of the century. So get the year and the free month! You won't regret it!!!!


If you do sign up, don't forget to formally introduce yourself in the "introductions" area.


Good luck!

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Thanks, HCSuperStores.


It's hearing a ton of stuff like the comments you made that has me convinced that I'll go with TCH. I just need info on the .ca issue so that I can take care of everything accordingly.


Just thought of another question too:


Does FTP to/from your site (ie for site updates, posting new material, changes, etc... not public FTP access) count against your bandwidth allocation for the month?


Thanks again,





www.shiftonline.ca (soon to be redesigned and moved to TCH!)

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I agree with Lisa (Hi Lisa ... ) on the bandwidth.


I've heard a few whine about that some but if you look at your bandwith v.s. space ratio, you'd have to use every available byte to make an impact on your bandwith.


They offer additional bandwith on a per GB basis that, if things were that close, that you could use for one month.


But just to answer your question, everything about your account goes against bandwith (FTP ... downloads and uploads, e-mail and anything else I can't think of)


On your domain name ... I'm afraid that things don't look good. In my little research, there were many countries listed but CA was not one of them. I find that a little odd. This doesn't need to be a show stopper ... but it would be rather convenient. You would just need to point your DNS information to TCH for resolution.


I hope you like this place as much as I do!

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Thanks for the info, all.


Bit of a drag about not being able to register my .ca domain here, but that was more of a convienience thing anyway.


I think that pretty much covers it. Off I go to setup my hosting!








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