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How To Upgrade My Hosting Plan?


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Depending on the server load, you may very well stay in one place and everything will still work the same. Otherwise, TCH will transfer all of your existing site to the new location, so everything will still work. But you may experience a bump in service due to propagation within the TCH realm (I don't believe that you will have to deal with total refresh of DNS). If you are moved, all files will be moved, so you will not have to be concerned with the old webspace.

As I understand it, you will be prorated for the difference in hosting plans when you upgrade, and your payment date will change to reflect your signup for the new plan. The folks in billing will be able to better assist you with this. If you want to open a Help Desk ticket to get exact answers from those folks, they would love to hear from ya :blink:

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Hey there TCH-Glenn,


I don't mean to point out any flaw in your info, but I think I read something about pro-rating somewhere and that they don't do it.


In a nutshell I think they said "plan it close to the end of the month'. Now would be a good time!


Maybe I am wrong or what I remember was talking about something else. But I am sure that I read that somewhere .... :blink:


Now, if I can just find my socks .... :D

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HC, Glenn is correct.

The pro-rating applies to unused months already paid for.


this is the way I believe it works.

If you sign up in jan for the $4 a month account

and decide on march 26th to upgrade to the $5 a month account,

your billing will be cancelled and a new billing will be started for april

and the unused already paid for months on the old plan will be credited to your account.


but you need to submitt the help ticket to billing for the final details.

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As I sit here at nearly 4AM, and readin' through the forums before I finally nod off for the night, I re-read the entire TOS (that shoulda put me right out :whip: )

In there it does not state anything about refunds other than the first 30-days thing.

Since I was not lights out after that, I went into the FAQ's and poked around in there, but still no sleep.

over on this page:


It does state that they are no longer prorating remaining days in the billing cycle due to the paperwork mountain it can create (there are a lot of folks that do upgrade their plans, so it adds up fast)

Any existing customer that wishes to upgrade a monthly hosting package to a new monthly package -

1. Will be issued a invoice for the monthly plan that they wish to upgrade to.

2. Once this invoice is paid there account will be upgraded and the old billing will be cancelled.

3. We will no longer pro-rate the days left in any existing plan, it is creating to much paperwork. So if you want to upgrade try to plan it at the end of your billing cycle.


Soooo... HCC got me on this one, when dealing with month-to-month customers. Good catch HCC

Edited by TCH-Glenn
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My memory was geared toward the remaining days. I think I read something about someone who was paying monthly and upgrading a month-to-month plan. For those who pay advance for a year, I bet that is a different story. I would assume that they would pay the rest of the plan for the year up front.


i.e. if someone upgradded from a $4 plan to a $5 plan with 6 months left, and had already paid up for a year, then we would want them to submit a payment of $6 to pay for the remaining 6 months of their new plan. Just my estimation/translation.


I don't prorate for my clients either. It is a major pain!!!

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