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Okay, I know we're not allowed to host other people's sites on our domain, but what if it's family? My domain is owned by me, but my fiance is going to be doing a site soon, and I was wondering if I'm allowed to host him?


I couldn't find this anywhere.

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Maybe a similar question...

If l plan to offer a weblog construction with support to some friends of mine, having installed MT on the space in your servers, is it a way of sub-hosting or not?


Or better... l have planned to make it in next future, of course having a small amout paid by blogs hosted.


Do l have to upgrade to reseller program?


Actually, l do not sub-host space, but just run other blogs on the same platform and get paid for building and mantaining MT running at its best.


Thank you :)

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Basically, you're only limited to your bandwidth and space on your account. You can have as many subdomains as you like. You just can't get multiple domain names pointing to subdomains on your account.

Thank you!


I will upgrade should l need more bandwidth and space ;)

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