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folks, my first invoice for the TCH account has arrived but my site is not up yet. :D

well, actually it is nobody's fault. part of it is that i just have been traveling a lot and suffering from serious jetlags and slow connections. but also that i am very wooly headed at this point.... building my familiarity with the web from ground up.

OK. I have some sort of an idea for how to organize my site. And I have a whole bunch of questions. There are just toomany and too small and some have to do with my peculiar needs. I dont want to dump all the stuff on this forum. but would really appreciate it if someone with moderate experience in designing sites, organizing content with and without MT can take a look at what I am trying to do and answer a few questions. I guess, i am just looking for some friendly approval just so i know that i am not landing myself into some terrible mess that will take me months to sort out. if someone can volunteer may be 10 minutes, I can email my notes. ??


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I would be happy to provide my two-cents worth. Feel free to email me, too. Just click on my name (to the left of this message). You'll see a profile on me. There's a link there to send me email.


Or, just send email to kasey AT slac DOT stanford DOT edu



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