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Mysql Problem On 44 After Upgrade

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I have put in a help desk ticket on this but it appears that my php application is not able to connect to my MySQL database since the server was upgraded. Not exactly sure it is related but is seems to have started at the same time.


Not only is my php application having problems but I can also no longer connect from my local system using MySQL-Front.


The database checks out fine and I can access it with myphpadmin. I am not using localhost in the script as I use my domain name so that when I run them locally they find the database.


It was all working Friday and failing on Monday. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.



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OK with the help of the help desk I figured this one out.


1. My shortcut to cPanel on my desktop was using the ip address and not the server name. Therefore I was accessing cPanel on the old server. This complicated troubleshooting.


2. In my php scripts I was attaching to the database not on localhost but on acornfusion.com. Even though acornfusion.com and localhost are the same box they have different IP addresses. Since acornfusion.com was not in my list of allowed hosts the database connection could not be made.

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