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Great Deal, But Now Confused On What I Got


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Okay, I recently got into my hot hands a slot loading iMac with a 700mHz G3 processor. I am quite pleased as it only cost me $150.


Coming with it was the full version of Macromedia MX (even the SN and CD). Having been a FrontPage person for so long on the PC, I wanted to play. One of the questions it is asking during the Setup Assistant for Dreamweaver is


"Do you want to work with a server technology such as Cold Fusion, ASP.NET, ASP, JSP. or PHP?"


Having parused the Dreamweaver help section of TCH, I am still left puzzled. The Help file says to ask the server administrator what the server supports--so here I am.


As my site stands now, I just have some client-side javascript running, but I would hate to say No if later on I want to begin.



Troy Rock Sign

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Torvan, this is probably late but incase you are still looking for an answer you can always change server technologies at any time. Basically at that setting does is tell DW what technology to use when connecting to a database. I use PHP/MYSQL so most of my pages are .php but I also .html as well. Here with TCH you wont use Coldfusion or ASP since we are a Linux system.


Hope this answers some questions. Good lunch Dreamweaver is an awesome product. I was a previous Frontpage user and it took some time and A LOT of patience when switching. DW is a little more "do it yourself" oriented, but it is WAY more powerful than FP, and it doesn't add all the code bloat you see with FP.

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