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Dreamweavers Extensions Needing Server Installs


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I went to DMXZone to look at the product and it says:

Server Model ASP JavaScript, ASP VBScript


TCH does not currently run any ASP services (unless something new has happened) so unfortunately it does not look like it will run.


I don't know what you plan to use it for but if it is just for photo album type things then I would suggest the Web Photo Album 2.2 if you have MX. Otherwise there are PHP scripts that do the on-the-fly image resizing. I used to use one but it was awkward to make look good. You may want to check hotscripts.com as they have a lot of goodies like this.


Best wishes!

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Here is the link on the DMZone website to Smart Image Processor for PHP.



I have purchased their PHP upload a few years ago and it worked pretty good. There were a few stumbling blocks, but after that it was good. (for those who are interested). If seems they are getting better with there products though. There are so many of them I am not sure what to think.


If you have any suggestions I would be glad to hear them.


I really need an image processor for my clients. I could make good use of it. There is another site I have been looking at called interakt. http://www.interakt.ro/


They have lots of good products. I purchased the mxlooper and it worked great.


Again I am interested in hearing any suggestions you might have about any of these sites or others. I am going right now to check out hotscripts.com

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