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Image On A Secure Server


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On PayPal, when you make a payment style page and want to include a customized header, it asks you for a URL to that image, but warns to use an HTTPS address.


Can I do that as part of the $4/mo basic package and how?



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Larry, I took a lookat the car pic and you said the troopers made you take off the tint

I for one hate cars that I can't see the drivers face. Eye contact can reduce accidents. There is a lot of contorversy here in Washington state about how dark you can tint...If you use the excuse that you car stays cooler in the summer with a dark tint, maybe you should look into some of the new tints on the market that Lexus and Acura are using. Just a thought


Link to tint news coverage in seattle: http://www.komotv.com/stories/26994.htm

or this one: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/transportati...966_get03.shtml :dance:

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Thank you. It worked perfectly! Thumbs Up


What a simple technique. I was trying to avoid the warning for non-secure items and now I have.



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I actually just got it re-tinted a few days ago, but I got the driver/pass side lighter enough where you can someone see my face now.. (still illegal). I got it dark originally to keep people from seeing in. I even told the cop that, he was pretty cool about it.. but he did tell me that was the only reason he pulled me over :(


I also do alot of night time driving, and it cuts down the glare from trucks and cars with improperly aligned headlights.. which in my opinion could prevent an accident, because I can see without seeing dots from being blinded.. It also helps hold the glass together in the event of an accident.. )


Everyone has thier opinion on window tint.. I've wrote to my local law makers asking to have the laws revised/reviewed.. In this state any window on the car cannot have more than 35% tint.. yet suv's are allowed to have blacked out windows.. doesn't make much sense to me.. as I can fit more armed gunmen in the back of a suv than my cavalier :)


I feel tint laws should be made like the law they have against bullet proof vests, they can charge you with breaking it, only if your committing a major crime..


I also never use someones facial expression to judge wether I'm going to do something.. That would be like pulling out in front a car because they put thier turn signal on.. then they decided to go straight.. I wait until they turn... I've been to florida many times, and a majority of the cars there have dark tinted windows, and they don't really seem to have any problems..


but like I said.. everyone has thier own opinion :) I like having my windows tinted..

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