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Besides Amember?


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I was wondering what other scripts or packages exist that allow you to have a login members only section on a website?


Also, what if this was for an organization where only paid members could log into the site? One of the sites I designed is a Music Organization where members sign up using acteva or a mail in form and then they get a membership package sent to them. We were thinking of putting up a members only section on the website for a forum and other things but I wouldn't want just anyone to be able to sign in and use that section without first having paid the annual membership fee.


I hope I explained that clearly enough. If not let me know and I can clarify.


With Amember it seems that anyone could sign up and log in.


Thanks for any help you can give.



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I dont use these but this is from Amembers site


he procedure for signing up a new customer/member is as follows:

1. A user comes to the signup page (http://www.yoursite.com/amember/signup.php) and completes a signup form. User is asked to enter their first and last name and email address. They may also be asked to create a username and password. You can optionally enable username and/or password generation in the aMember Pro settings, in which case the user will be issued with an automatically generated username and/or password. 

2. You may add more fields to signup form if you wish. 

3. After completing the form, the user presses the "Signup" button. aMember now creates two new database records: 


· a pending user record 

· a pending payment record. 


This does NOT give the user rights to enter. The pending payment record contains amount to be paid, subscription start and expiry dates, subscription type ordered and other related information. However this payment record is not marked as "paid". 

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I use Locked Area They have 2 versions Pro and Lite. This works better than AMember, in my opinion. I used AMember before. The problem I had with AMember is that if there was a page in the "protected" folder.. anyone could just type in the URL and get in without being a member. So I found Locked Area Lite and it "locks" the entire folder. Any URL in that folder requires a log in.

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The problem I had with AMember is that if there was a page in the "protected" folder.. anyone could just type in the URL and get in without being a member.


In order for AMember to work correctly, you have to edit the .htaccess files. If done correctly (per instructions), you cannot access the "protected" folder by just typing in the url.


If you would like to test this, you can try www.bsatroop98.org/photos. I have this folder protected through Amember. You can also try www.bsatroop98.org/photos/pictures which is a subfolder of photos. You will recieve a popup box requesting you user name and password to gain access. You will also see the text that was set up "Troop 98 Members".

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What did you finally do?


I have been using aMember since November 2013 and it does everything you are looking for in your post.


You control site access by the product they sign up for. Easy to do on our HTML / PHP site, easier on a WordPress site.

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