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I know - use "Search"


The trick is I need something that can search out specific text and characters within html code. Regular search in XP doesn't work - seems all code in betwwen < -- > is invisible to it.


When I make a LOT of changes (open up 500 files at once and change all at once) a few always seem to get left out and I need to track them down, presumably using a snippet of the old code.


Thanks :unsure:

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I case anyone's interested :


I ended up using what I always use - EditPadLite http://www.editpadpro.com/editpadlite.html It will open as many files (at once) as you need and it will search for anything you want. It's a good editor.


Changing 1000 files or so at a time though a few things do 'slip through the cracks' and the only way to search is to open the files.


It's also free. ;)

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