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First, you need to create a second site in Dreamweaver. Point it to the root folder of your local files. In the new site's 'Remote' page, enter the FTP information about your site here at TCH, the same way you did for the first one.


FTP Host: ftp.newdomain.tld

Host Directory: public_html

Login: xxxxx

Password: xxxxx


Hope this helps. If not, keep asking.

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The link that Kevin put in the last post is great.


I just wanted to add, as you look the help file you can also use www for the host name as well instead of public_html. This will also come in handy when you try and connect using Front page. There is a quirk in FP that requires you to use www/ the first time you are connecting to the server. I think there is a help page on this as well in the tutorials section.

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