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Have you been to YourHostSucks.com

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On yourhostsucks.com, there's a discussion about my previous host (which does suck). There's also a forum where you can post about hosts that don't suck. This is my reply to someone who asked about my recommendation of TotalChoice:



This is about my TotalChoice experience (and I am *not* am employee of TotalChoice)


Because I was so burned by FeaturePrice and their non-customer service, I was quite concerned about customer service/tech support for wherever I moved my hosting to.


Before signing on with them, I went to their website to check out their customer service. I tried to "chat" but it said the on-line tech wasn't available, leave a message. So I left one, asking some lame question (like "Do you support FP2002 extensions?". I got a reply ("Yes") in less than 2 hours. I tried it again another time (a different day) when the on-line tech was available, and got a response immediately. (less than 30 seconds connect time, and then an immediate "what can I help you with?" I asked some other basic question--I was really just checking to see if they were really available. And they were. (That was in the middle of the night, I think.)


I can't tell you for certain how quickly I got a "you're signed up" email, but I know it was fast enough that I didn't think about it. (under 6 hours certainly)


After I signed up, I uploaded my site using the IP address before the domain name change had propogated. Unfortunately FP didn't deal well with that, and screwed everything up. I did an on-line chat with the tech guy (*immediate* response). He offered to reset my site, so I could upload again starting fresh when the domain name had propogated. For that, he asked that I submit a ticket. I did, and with an hour or two, had an email response saying it had been reset, *and* he included the server output so I could see exactly what was done.


When I had questions about how SpamAssassin worked, the tech guy didn't give me quite as precise answers as I had hoped for, but he was *there*.


Somehow, I screwed up my default mailing address catcher. For that one, the chat tech did ask if I could check back later. He was helping 9 people who had critical issues. About 2 hours later, I checked back with the chat tech guy, who walked me through what was there--and resetting it. (Trivial to do, but I didn't realize it was broken.)


I asked one of the chat techs if he could recommend a PHP/MySQL reference. He said he wasn't able ot recommend a good reference, but that he knew a couple of the other techs were more familiar with it, and if I posted to the forum, one of them would answer. I did post--and he was right.


I set up two other domains with them--both were set up within a couple of hours.


I had SPAMCOP bounce an email I sent, saying it had come from an IP that had too high of a spam rating. I IMd the Yahoo! tech right away, sent him the SpamCop URL, and said "I'm on it". You can see the results of them identifying that spammer on their reviews on findmyhosting.com--they cancelled the guy's account, and he gave them a bad review. (He'd sent over 45,000 mail messages in one day)


You're right--there's no toll-free #. But FP has one--and we all know how useless it is.


But you don't have to believe me--just check out their chat techs--ask a few questions. Send them an email and see how long it takes to get a response.


Read the on-line forums--which you can *see* that their techs answer questions and participate.


Go to findmyhosting.com and read their reviews.


This is the way hosting ought to be.




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Thank you very much for your honest review and we appreciate your business. (That's from the TotalChoice side of me.)


Now, welcome to the wonderful world of Life-After-FeaturePrice, sister! I am also a survivor of *that other very lame host*. I came to TCH when it was *****. I was scared to death of being burned again and was very leary of the claims being made on FindMyHosting.com because they were all too good! :D


So, I figured, why not? If they don't give me my money back when I'm not satisfied, I will have lost like $4? That's one pack of cigarettes that I didn't need to smoke anyway. Well, that was the beginning of a great and trusting relationship!


While I still haven't quit smoking....I'm working on it :( ....not only did I never ask for my money back, but jumped into a reseller package and brought all of my clients over inside of my first 30 days.


As for *that other very lame host*, they lose in more than one category. Support and just simple communication with their clients was the big miss with them. Second to that was the gall and odasity to *test while live*. I don't know how many times my site, mail or webmail was down, disrupted or even CHANGED without any warning whatsoever. They would test out scripts and new server apps on a live machine. So all of my clients' sites were impacted and of course I get yelled at for it.


I'm not that hard to please and am pretty easily impressed, but TCH has completely won my heart. Family and Home are not just words from the salesman. They are real concepts here and practiced by real people.


...........blabbering on............

Anyway, thanks again. Welcome Home, Beth!



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Thanks for the kind words.


I started this web hosting business because I knew I could provide a better service and a better price. I think I was right.


Its about honesty, intregrity and treating a customer like they are king.


I remember when I was a lad, my father always told me customer is king. He was right.


The thing that is so great about this business are clients like you.


There is a certain competitor of mine who uses the phrase “We aim to please 99% of our customers”. While he is a nice guy, I would hate to be in that 1%.


I want everyone to know how hard we are working to make things right.


There have been some minor bumps along the road. Moving to two new help desk systems in less than a year, changing credit card processors, upgrading our billing system and ordering system. With each step are closer and closer to perfection.


Thanks for your continued support.

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Wow, you don't hear that from many web owners. Thanks, Bill!


Interesting ... being concerned about the 1% who are unhappy in comparison to the 99% who are happy. Sounds like the story of going after the one lost sheep, with the other 99 in the fold!


Bottom line ... everyone counts, everyone matters ... we can each make a difference in this world!


Ok, end of sermon ... now where did I put my coffee cup???



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Actually, Bill, I think that you *aren't* concerned about that 1%--and shouldn't be. That 1% you can't please are the spammers and people selling counterfeit ID cards--and you don't want to please them--you want them to go away.



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Beth, and others,


I'm sorry to say that your post at YourHostSucks.com was apparently removed. There is a new announcement post in its place that warns that no web host may advertise there.


I guess the mod thought that's what we were doing. Although I don't have the original transcript of the thread, I believe that the only one of TCH employees that posted was Bill and his comments were strictly addressing the *devil's advocate* questions that had been posed.


Oh, well. We certainly appreciate your efforts in sharing the word about TCH! It was a valiant effort indeed.


And on a brighter note, check this out about your PREVIOUS Host!

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I am also an ex FP customer and I found about TCH from the Beth's post. : ) As I am very happy with the service you guys provide, I really want to thank Beth for writing those lines. I saw that the post was removed from that forum and now I'm just happy that I've seen it before they removed it. : )


Thanks Beth!



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Maybe yourhostsucks doesnt want people to know that there are good web hosting firms on the planet? There was a naysayer that stated TCH was a new company and I simply responded with the facts!


Well im just so happy that a search for totalchoice hosting on google now shows a Your Host Sucks thread. :rolleyes:


What really stinks is you can not find a reference of point on that site now, meaning prospects will think we suck.


Thank you you guys your efforts do not go unnoticed! You are true great customers!


I just wish Mods would get a clue on the reality of running a site.

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Note to Bill regarding your "trying to please the (BAD) 1%"...


I found TCH through findmyhosting & read through negative reviews of different companies, some company responses were very unprofessional, but not yours, that is what caught my attention & made me look further. Amazing how those little things make such a big difference. I signed up & in less than 24 hours I have turned numerous friends on to TCH. Your value in attention to the customer is bang on (I learned this from my Dad too btw).



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I have to agree about the reponses some hosts have given over there. Many of them start by degrading the person who made the bad review. While I agree some of them probably deserve it (like the 45,000 email in one day guy) you can tell a lot about a company by how they respond to criticism.


I am 100% satisfied with TCH (probably more) and am very thankful to have found them. I started out with one site with TCH and now have three. I will probably be adding a fourth soon although I am hesitant about that. Not because of TCH, but because the other host has been very good to me and I have not had any problems with their service. The price is the issue, they charge 3 times what TCH does. I wish I was made of money :P

Keep up the great work TCH!

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I just followed your link, and wanted to say THANKS for your praise!


There is also another site where comments can be posted, and it is at this link.


Also, we ask that if you would, we would appreciate a link to our site from your site. This is NOT required, but would be appreciated. If you would like to add the link, you can click here to get that link. Adding this link will help us in obtaining a decent position in the search engines.


However, please remember all this is totally voluntarily on your part.


Our hosting is TOTALLY BANNER FREE, and any link or banner you add is your choice!


Let us know if we can be of any assistance!


:) :) :rolleyes: :)

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