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New Domain Name On Same Hosting Account?


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Good evening!!!


I've already got an account with TCH, but I'm getting ready to purchase two new domain names. Here is the situation.


The current domain name, website1.com, is already in use and has a hosting account with TCH. I plan on purchasing website2.com and website3.com within the next couple of days. What I would like to do is to "trade" or "phase out" the use of website1.com as the domain name associated with my TCH account and in its place have website2.com as the primary domain name associated with the TCH account. I plan on letting the website1.com domain name registration expire and not renew it. Can I do this without wrecking or deleting my existing TCH account? For instance, the username associated with the account is pre-assigned, and from what I can tell, is based on the first seven letters of the domain name. Is it possible to have the username for my TCH account changed to reflect the new URL while keeping the account open so that I don't lose any of the content currently stored in the account?


As I mentioned earlier, I will also be purchasing website3.com. Eventually, I will have a separate TCH account to host this website. Until that time, is it possible to point website3.com to website2.com so that if users type "www.website3.com" into their address bar, they will be greeted by the website2.com web site? If so, is this set up through the domain name registrar or is it handled via a PHP or meta tag redirect from website3.com's index page?


In the end, both website2.com and website3.com will have their own separate hosting accounts. Website1.com will die a slow and painful death by expiration.


Thanks for looking into this for me!


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Just submit a request into the helpdesk to have website1.com swapped with website2.com as your primary, and request to have the other two domains parked on the same account.


They should be able to take care of you.

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Thanks for the help, people! I sure appreciate it.... I've purchased the two additional domains and will contact help desk when I'm ready to have the switchover occur.


Thanks again!



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