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Distant, Early Morning


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Well, it appears my site has finally delegated (under 24 hours, fastest I've seen....) at least for me... so I'll post this. I may be jumping the gun on the proper site being viewable for everyone, though. =)


1. http://www.lisa-jill.com/ (plus about 5 forwards, but this is the main one)


2. distant, early morning


3. weblog, poetry, prose, essays and photography.


4. text link to tch as per their preference - and there being no 80x15 image that fits in with the rest of mine. :lol:


Link is in the 'misc' section in the right column. =)


I am absolutely thrilled, the delegation went so smoothly and I'm even receiving mail properly.. not sure how much I lost, must be some - less junkmail this morning than usual. The site is already running faster and I'm extremely pleased with my decision to move over and join here.



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Ok, call me dumb again, but do you mean propogation rather than delegation? :lol:


In learning mode, you understand. :)

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Now Brich, leave her alone. :) Not everyone is bright and bushy-tailed like you in the mornings. Some of us are up two or three hours before we actually wake up. :P


Lisa - on your site, the right-hand column is up too high and is overlapping part of your title and picture


- There is alot of black space at the top. It would look better if your entire picture could be seen when it comes up (cool pic btw!)


I'm going to take a closer look later, but must get back to work now. :lol:


Glad you're up and running!

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Don't worry, ladies, at my age the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed qualities begin to fade by mid-morning and C.R.S. sets in. :)


Anyways, in my last post I forgot to say...

Nice to have you in the family, Lisa. Your website is is pretty neat. (Am I dating myself now by using that word? hehe!)

I found however that the skins don't want to work properly although they are pretty nifty. I kept getting an error that appeared to be written in as part of the page:


Warning: fopen(semaphore.ref): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/distdky/public_html/lgf-reflog.php on line 35

Warning: flock(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/distdky/public_html/lgf-reflog.php on line 36

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/distdky/public_html/lgf-reflog.php on line 48


with slight variations in the error message with each skin, if memory serves, and it often doesn't anymore, in the line number referenced.


Oh well, keep up the good work, Lisa! :lol:

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bellringr, you are a funny girl! :)


And Lisa, I forgot to mention that I am using Mozilla Firebird 0.7 to view your pages. I too noticed the extra black at the top of the page as mentioned by my friend bellringr. Don't worry, tweaking is half the fun! :lol:

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That was happening last night to me, too, before the propogatoin occurred. I don't see it anymore, however, in IE, Moz, Firefox or Opera....


Give it a day and it will probably disappear for you guys, too...


I'm working on ditching the refsearch crap - I had that due to not having AWStats, but I no longer need it. =) My old stats package had crud for referrer listings :blink:


I'm going to post a site review once the delegation has propogated properly, that way there won't be any confusion - but a lot of the stuff was uh, hotlinked to my old site (used full url's for some) so it was causing some very funky display issues. I ran it through browsercam awhile back and looked great...


I'd love it if you guys would help me review it after its moved, but be patient with me for now, I know it looks weird :lol:




and of course I won't object to being linked to - but let me know so I can check out your site!

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