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I installed CGImail using cpanel on a subdomain testing for a client and spent hours tinkering around tyring to figure out permissions etc. wondering why it wasn't working. i checked main domainnnn and noticed it wasn't working. odd CGImail and echo show in cgi-bin of accounts cpanel filemanager. of cousre then i discover the feature hasn't been offered since OCt. /smacks self. CAn someoene offer an alt? to this. I need an add on that's virtually plug n play and doesn't incur a license fee. basically that accounts can handle themselves. including me! I'm not a PHP programmer. I need a resource ASAP i was going to move site over today.

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I use Phorm (www.phorm.com). If all you need is a simple form mail script, it's as easy to set up as any, but it has a lot of advanced features, too. There is a free version, but it's just 15 bucks to register. There's a support forum and support questions are answered promptly.

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