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I have a 2 questions:


1) Is there anyway I can have everything in my account reset? (except for my e-mail settings)

2) Is there anyway I can change my login name from what was assigned? because I can never remember it.




Jay Woith



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I've moved this since it isn't really an introduction. :D


If we do a reset on your account, we'll have to reset everything (including your e-mail.) Yes, we can change your user name as well. To get either or both of these done, we'll need you to drop in a ticket at the Help Desk. You can get to the Help Desk by clicking the link at the top-left of the page. :dance:

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I've been trying to get this done and have been through 7 email exchanges with tech support - they just don't seem to get what "reset", "start over", "delete everything" or "start from scratch" means.


Is there a magic code word I need to use to get this done?


First they delete everything in my www directory, then they delete a little bit more, and more ... we've been at this all day.


I want to completely start over - it would be ideal if a user could do this ourself, but I'm sure there is a valid reason ... but it shouldn't take 7+ support calls either.

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Help Desk Tickets ... Rick stepped in and made it happen - all hail Rick!


I like to debug issues myself, but it's best to start from a known state and the best state is a clean slate.


It might save TCH some time if there was a way for users to reset their accounts without requiring TCH intervention.

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Sorry for the confusion. Normally we would ask on the first ticket for you to confirm that you want everything including email, databases, etc. deleted. This is to prevent misunderstandings where the account is reprovisioned and then have an angry user that didn't want email deleted.


I am not sure that having an option for the user to reset the account would save us any time. I suspect we would have a lot of requests to restore a backup after accidental resets.


If you need to have the reset again just open a Help Desk ticket and request to have the account reprovisioned.

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If you use subdomains to do your testing you can simply remove the content of the folder and start over.


Of course you can also get a reseller account which will allow you to create additional domains to play in.


Or you can also remove all the content in your public_html folder and you will be back to square one.

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Ah ... "Reprovision" - the magic word ;-)


Just deleting all the files in a subdomain or in public_html is not good enough if global things like SQL databases and email addresses are utilized (which is quite normal).


I fully acknowledge the reluctance to "reprovision" (wipe everything out) ... but sometimes us stupid users really, really, yes, absolutely really want everything wiped out.


I also greatly respect the staff reluctance to completely wipe out all my data - just wish I didn't have to resort to a full day of begging for my data to be wiped out.


Thanks for wiping out all my files - bet you haven't heard that one in awhile ;-)

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