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High Virus Alert - How Are Tch Servers Doing?

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Hi All,


As everyone has been reading over the last few days, viruses have been spreading like wild fire. Today things seem to have taken another additional notch up in their attempts to infect.


For my last hosting service, this caused a MAJOR problem and e-mail it was down for days and slow for weeks.


I'm not sure if I understand the way TCH administers e-mail for accounts. Is it on the same server as my account, or separate servers?


Anywho ... how goes the battle? Are we having any impact?


I haven't noticed anything, but you guys keep a much finer eye on things than I do.





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Thanks for the reply.


I am sure, because of how much attention the news is giving it, that there MUST be some additional effort to deal with the issue.


As I said, I haven't noticed anything on this end. It's been as quick as ever ... which is faster than any of the 5 hosts I've been with in the past 5 years.


I just wanted a reason to say that you are doing a great jobs and keeping things working smoothly.


Thank you!

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In response to this discussion....I find that on my e-mail, I am not able to compose or forward other e-mails. Is a problem with my particular account or is this something that is occuring with everyone else due to high virus activity. All e-mail is goofy at my work also.


Every time I try to compose an e-mail, I am prompted to put in my login_id and password. Upon doing this, it appears that another page begins to load, then nothing happens. (this is on webmail by the way).


Should I submit a help desk ticket? I'm on server 40.


Thanks guys and keep up the good work! I've never been happier anywhere else!


p.s. - I like the pictures of all the staff. Helps put a face with the screeename.



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Hey TCH guys. I may have a problem with some kind of trojan.


Today I received a mail returned because they said it may have an infected .pif document or something and I never sent any. my email is mic@michaelstreeter.com and my daughters is nikki@etc.


This msg says the mail was to/from 3dnikki and 3dmic


no such addresses. I copied the letter and put it in notepad in case you wanted to see it.


it signed Kind regards,

The Michaelstreeter.com team


What do you think? I run Norton, and AVG. Norton stopped the mail and quaranteened one and couldn't delete the other.


They were nqcjhhvg.exe


and abcddbdc.zip



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Oh. It also mentioned w32beagle.c@mm



I am searching for that now. :rolleyes:

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OH. And I also run a router, spyblaster, spyguard, and spybot s&d.


You'd think one of them should work???!!


;) :huh: :rolleyes:

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But, I never open attachments.


However I will try symantec.



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I agree . .the latest viruses are taking their toll. . .the problem I have is that we've become so paranoid about a virus, that now, between my clients and I, we can't even attach a text doc let alone graphics. . .Today, I had to snail mail (fedex) an ad proof to a client because it's impossible for them to receive it in any format.

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I ran the symantec fxbeagle and it said there was no beagle found, so maybe someone that emails me has it and that's why it said from my domain even though they were false email addresses?


Or did my Norton already deal with it?


Anyway my reports say clean.


thanks all.


Rock Sign Rock Sign

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Yep. I'm with you cloudrm. I have alot of crap watching but It's getting tough to send stuff confidently.



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One of the ways I overcome the paranoia, to an extent, is to add in the email a statement telling the recipient(s) what the attached file A. contains, B. is named and C. approx file size. Also, I tell them that if they are curious or nervous, respond to the message or call me to verify that I sent it on purpose.

Another way is to make the message seem less generic. Most of the worms out there try to make the message generic enough that it will lull folks into opening it.


I know these are only possible steps, but they can make a difference.

When dealing with a corporate environment, I like using antivirus tools that allow the admin to place a statement on the emails that shows the message was scanned and found to be clean. But these do us no good in a personal machine environment.

Edited by TCH-Glenn
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You're right, Glenn. Thats about all you can do really. Keep updated and let folks know what your sending. They do the same.

I use signature scanners also.


Rock Sign

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