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Aol And Spam

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I have followed the discussion about forwarding email to AOL and have looked through the sites that I host to locate and remove the forwarded addresses.


One of my clients really wants to continue receiving mail from his web site at his AOL address.


Would setting up the mailto directly on his contact page to go to his AOL account attract attention from AOL to the server at TCH where I have my sites hosted?


If not, I will suggest to this client that he can still have mail go to his AOL account if he is willing to have the AOL address in the mailto.


Thanks for any input.




I don't really like the solution I just suggested as it means my client loses the benefit of having an email address of client@hisowndomain.com


I will try to change his mind about the AOL address

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You may want to remind your client that doing that would make that account a spam magnet and that's not a good thing for your main email address. If it was client@whatever.com then you can use Spam Assassin here at TCH and some other things with junk email and if everything goes bad just change the address if needed. (I hope that made sense - it's a long day.)


Besides, it's just one-click in favorites to get to tch mail. If the client is stubborn then just give in and wait for the "I told you so" moment. :)

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