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I need to MANUALLY configure .htaccess files to protect some directories. I have some "add user forms" that update this via PHP so the cPanel stuff will not work for me.


I may be missing something stupid, is there anyone that can help??


>AuthUserFile "/home/******/rep_users/REP.user"
AuthGroupFile "/dev/null" 
AuthName "All About Play"
AuthType Basic

<Limit GET POST> 
require valid-user


the files seems to be in the right place. And I get challanged by the webbrowser for authentication but it will not acceot any of my old dot ht password file.

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alway good when you can help your self.

Or it just starts working, did you hit the monitor? :)


I tried to see what cpanel did to protect and it looked very simailar


AuthType Basic

AuthName "foldername"

AuthUserFile "/home/cpanelname/.htpasswds/foldername/passwd"

require valid-user

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