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Menus Disappeared


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I'm not an expert at FrontPage, but I looked at your old site (assuming that www.dallasnorthproperties.net is it), and your current one.


Your current site is missing some components.


Just the navigation alone, a comparison of differences between the two main pages shows this:


Your old site navigation code:

>        <!--webbot bot="Navigation" S-Type="top" S-Orientation="horizontal" S-Rendering="text" B-Include-Home="FALSE" B-Include-Up="TRUE" startspan --><nobr>[ <a href="HomeBuyer_Info.htm" target="">HomeBuyer Info</a> ]</nobr> <nobr>[ <a href="homeseller_info.htm" target="">HomeSeller Info</a> ]</nobr> <nobr>[ <a href="Homes_for_Sale.htm" target="">Home Listings</a> ]</nobr> <nobr>[ <a href="townhomes_for_sale.htm" target="">Townhomes/Condos</a> ]</nobr> <nobr>[ <a href="Texas-Home-Values.htm" target="">Facts & Figures</a> ]</nobr> <nobr>[ <a href="mortgage_info.htm" target="">Mortgage Info</a> ]</nobr> <nobr>[ <a href="credit_report.htm" target="">Credit Report</a> ]</nobr> <nobr>[ <a href="calculators.htm" target="">Calculators</a> ]</nobr> <nobr>[ <a href="foreclosures.htm" target="">Foreclosures</a> ]</nobr> <nobr>[ <a href="Dallas-Real-Estate-News.htm" target="">Latest News</a> ]</nobr> <nobr>[ <a href="dictionary.htm" target="">Dictionary</a> ]</nobr> <nobr>[ <a href="privacy-policy.htm" target="">Privacy</a> ]</nobr><!--webbot bot="Navigation" i-checksum="30199" endspan -->


Your new site navigation code:

>        <!--webbot bot="Navigation" S-Type="top" S-Orientation="horizontal" S-Rendering="text" B-Include-Home="FALSE" B-Include-Up="TRUE" startspan --><!--webbot bot="Navigation" i-checksum="0" endspan -->


It looks like it didn't publish correctly.

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EDIT: It looks like TCH-MikeJ got to it before I did. That was going to be the next thing I mentioned...the webbot stuff in your current TCH site does appear to be missing aspects that would show it properly.


I'm not positive what a navbot menu is, but assuming it's not there, your site looks fine without them.


And personally, I think a background would make the site too busy. It's rather busy as it is.


In your Cpanel, there is a Frontpage Extensions option. Once you click there, it says the following, and has options to install, reinstall, or uninstall frontpage extensions,


"FrontPage Extensions


Warning: It is recommended that you DO NOT install FrontPage Extensions on your account unless you intend to publish your site directly from the FrontPage application.


Uninstalling the extensions from the main domain will uninstall the extensions from all subdomains and addon domains. Uninstalling will also remove all .htaccess files in your web root (public_html). You must have the extensions installed on the main domain before they can be installed on any subdomains or addon domains.


Installing or uninstalling FrontPage Extensions will result in the loss of all .htaccess files in your web area. Any directories you have protected with WebProtect will become unprotected until you reprotect them."


You may need to uninstall them if publishing directly from Frontpage.


Can you be more specific on what it is that's wrong? Perhaps a link to your site at the other host, so people can see what your site is intended to look like would be helpful.

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Some information around the web says that,

"FrontPage has to publish to your domain name, so you must allow time for your domain name to start working on your server, before you attempt to publish." This apparently applies to MS Frontpage 2002, 2000, 98, and 97.

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